The Best Graffiti Artists of the 21st Century

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Graffiti, a work of art, often punished because it is painted or made on a public surface, illegally, is often considered to be a relatively novel form of artistic expression. Modern art, as it is called, can be dated back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. There are plenty of examples of modern graffiti which are over a thousand years old. With that out of the way, people often care more about contemporary graffiti, the kind which has an impact on their own culture and which offers current social commentary. The 21st century has seen a lot of great artists already, but here are the best graffiti artists.


Banksy is an England-based artist, whose identity has never been found out, even after all these years. He first became active in the 90s, and was famous, and still is, for creating works of art which challenge the system, offering political and social commentary. His style often combines realism with surrealism, which is not appealing to everyone. His works of art are often really expensive, going up to 20 million dollars. Banksy has been around for a while now and is still going strong, always pointing at the wrong things in a clever way.


If you ever start imagining graffiti and how it would look, most of us would end up imagining the style of Zephyr. Active since the 1970s, this artist is responsible for almost everyone imagining art a specific way. His style and art has been stolen, copied, and incorporated in countless examples. Given that most of his work was illegal, it was either destroyed or was painted over. Today, however, there are some examples of his work in the world. Career graffiti is how many graffiti artists end up, fortunately.


The works of Saber are simply astonishing because they are huge. Some of his works took more than a week to be finished, which is even more impressive when you think about it, given that most of it was illegal. Imagine the logistics of moving cans of paint to inaccessible locations for more than a week. His works are, fortunately enough, well-preserved, as public art. 

Street art is amazing and graffiti is there to fill the void we sometimes feel, to capture those feelings and offer a solution, or at least the solace of knowing that there are people who share the same feelings in the world. These artists have brought us and keep bringing us more art.