New Zealand – A Sailing Nation

Posted by Phoenix

There are some countries in the world, special in their own way. Japan is such a country, where the culture is bound in tradition, that breaking certain parts of that tradition can get you in trouble, yet it is also one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. In Europe, you are likely to find as many cultures as there are countries, which is a lot in a relatively small continent.

And then there are the Oceanic countries like New Zealand. New Zealand is known as many things, like the home to Middle Earth, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series. It is also known as a sailing nation. Sailing was a big part of the history of New Zealand, and it still is.

A Country on an Ocean

Unlike countries which are located on the continents, which are landlocked, have had no need to ever build boats, other than to sail on their lakes and rivers, if they had any large enough. Island countries like New Zealand, on the other hand, have had to build boats in order to survive. Being a country on multiple islands, New Zealand settlers had to build boats in order to survive.

Trade was, among other things, one of the only ways of surviving. The boats had to be durable and New Zealanders got their reputation as a sailing nation.

Multiple Sports Events

When people say sailing, they often mean a boat with a sail which uses wind power to move across water. This is but one of many ways one can traverse the endless blue waters. New Zealanders enjoy multiple water sports, from speed boat racing, boat jumping, sailing, yachting, rowing and many more. If boating or similar boat-related water sports are what interests you, then New Zealand will be the country to visit. 

The Hobbyists – A Tradition of Boat Building

Purchasing a boat is something people with excess money can easily do. Some boats are a lot more expensive than others. People thus turn to boat building. Do it yourself is something people resort to when they love a certain hobby or activity. It is engaging and requires learning new skills and creativity. Boat building is common in New Zealand, especially in coastal cities. To be frank, however, no city is that far from water. The coastline of New Zealand is 16,000 kilometers long.

The Professionals – Kiwi Sailors

While sailing is a great hobby, people earn their bread by sailing. Professional New Zealand sailors and boaters have earned the most top spots in international competitions, out of every country in the world. They have a very developed professional scene. There are over 300,000 registered members in over 120 yacht clubs. The country has around 4,6 million people, meaning that a large percentage are registered members, while there are probably more who are doing things on their own. 

Popular Boating Destinations

If you ever wanted to visit New Zealand and were in need of boating destinations, Auckland has you covered. Not only is it a great city to visit, but one of the largest harbors in New Zealand. Picton is another boat-loving town to visit. Consider visiting the Bay of Islands, as well, if you want to experience amazing shorelines and undeveloped beaches.

New Zealand is a sailing nation, and now you know why and which parts to visit.