How to Tell When Your Child Has Played Video Games Enough

Posted by Phoenix

Video games are entertaining. We all know that. Whether they are shooters, racing games, strategy games or the immersive role-playing games, we all love playing video games here and there. They can take us away from reality into a place which can be wonderful, rewarding, but also challenging and even disgusting at times. They are amazing and adults love playing them. But, so do the children. Unlike adults, children often cannot stop themselves from playing video games. This can be a good thing, but more often than not, it is a bad thing. Here is how you can tell if your child has gamed enough. 

They Can’t Stop Talking about the Game

If you can’t stop about something, chances are that you are addicted to it or that you have a strong emotional response to it. Children often can’t stop talking about a video game that they have played too much. This can easily be observed if they keep talking to their friends about it, or if they even talk to their parents or grandparents. Observe whether your child talks or even chats about a certain video game and you will know whether they had enough or not.

Their Eyes Might Get Sore 

Children, like adults, suffer from looking at a screen for too long. Some people do not react the same way as others do. Some people’s eyes hurt a lot, while others do not even suffer a tiny bit. However, most people, after a certain amount of time, have red eyes and cannot hide it. If you notice this, it might be because they spent way too much time looking at a screen.

Their Grades Start Suffering

Plenty of factors can contribute to your children’s grades, but spending too much time staring at a screen is definitely a strong factor. Whether you child plays video games or simply browses the internet is going to affect their grades, unless you make them do their homework and study before gaming. Take note of their school activities because they might be related to gaming.

Be Reasonable – Most of Us Have Played Games

You have to be reasonable when thinking about games. Some people have spent upwards of 16 hours in a single gaming session. That is by all standards too much. Professional gamers spend around 8 hours playing a single game and another 3 to 4 hours discussing strategies and learning. If your child has no professional aspirations, then they should be doing the latter, playing for 3 to 4 hours and dedicating the remaining time to different activities. Remember your own gaming activities, even as an adult and try to be reasonable. We have all spent time in front of a screen and after some time, it stops being enjoyable. Observe your child and try to find their gaming sweet spot.

These are but some tips on how to tell whether your child has spent more than enough time playing video games.