European Graffiti Capitals – The Graffiti Cities to Visit

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Art has found numerous ways of being shown. People have made art with bent steel, not to mention sculpting or painting. Well, painting has been done in different ways throughout history. Going back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, one can find graffiti even then. It was used for advertising purposes.

Today, contemporary graffiti is used as social and political commentary, or even decoration. Graffiti artists have all had their fair share of legal and illegal careers. In Europe, given the vast culture in all the countries, there are plenty of cities to be found with amazing graffiti. Here is a list of the graffiti capitals, if you will, not necessarily the capitals of the country they are located in.


Well, this city is the capital city of Belgium. It is one of those cities which not only likes street art, but also promotes it. If you can’t beat them, join them, right?

Brussels is full of graffiti, even in the very center of the city. There are plenty of interesting comic book characters like Tintin or Lucky Luke, not to mention local comic heroes. Famous artists also left their mark in Brussels, which is to be expected. Nobody likes having their art painted over and Brussels is likely to preserve it.


Another day, another capital city. London is a very large city which is the capital of England. It is also home to a lot of graffiti. London as a city is full of culture, and it is also a city with a lot of international reputation. Artists like Banksy have visited it, and not as tourists. There are certain parts of London which are considered to be street art heaven. Brick Lane is one of those parts, as well as Southbank. It is a great city to visit even without it being one of the graffiti centers.


Located in Switzerland, Lausanne is a city which is very close to Geneva. That is not what makes it special, but its love of street art, specifically.

You can find a lot of culture in this city, and street art thrives where there are multiple cultures developing at the same time. The Swiss are also very fond of art, in general, so do not be surprised to find that they appreciate street art as well. 


The French are known to love art, for once, one of the biggest museums in the world, the Louvre, a household of art, is located in Paris. As a city, Paris is very large and therefore home to a lot of different people, not just the French. People often associate Paris with high culture, fashion and poshness, however, Paris has a very vibrant side which is a lot more urban. Walk the streets of the city and you will find graffiti everywhere. 

Most European capitals are home to lots of graffiti, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, to name a few more. If you are going to visit Europe, you will most likely spot a lot of graffiti.