5 Amazing Virtual Museum Tours You Can Take Today

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Museums hold everything that the world created, from art to technology and everything in between. Some museums are more reachable than others. In order to visit some of them, you do not need to go to a different country, perhaps contract a disease in the process (some countries are on different continents and are home to different bacteria and viruses), you can do so online.

Yes, ever since the dawn of technology, which is when the internet became available to everyone, people transitioned to doing everything online. Shopping, watching TV shows, sports and live events, online betting payment methods and even touring museums. Here are the best museum tours you can take today, without leaving your home.

The Louvre

Nestled in the Parisian underground, literally, lies the Louvre, a museum which almost everyone has heard of. While the museum itself is very impressive, its glass pyramid entrance is also a work of art. Within the Louvre you can find the Mona Lisa, as well as the statue of Venus, also known as the statue with no arms used in every cartoon in the 20th century. The Louvre offers a simple online tour which you can take at any time.

The tours are period, artist or country/empire-specific, for example, Ancient Greek art or that of Michelangelo. 

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

This is one of those museums which, as you might decipher from the name, has exhibits of everything science-related, as well as nature, meaning biology, insects, and more. The museum is one of the most visited ones in the world. Just like the Louvre, visiting it means that you have to deal with sometimes huge crowds, especially if you visit during the tourist season. An online tour easily solves this, enabling you to see everything within the museum. There is a lot to visit, but it being online, means that you can resume your visit at any time.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or shortly, NASA, offers its own virtual tours. What can we expect to see with NASA, space, the void? A lot more than that. NASA does a lot of research into everything related to space travel, aeronautics and aerospace. Two of their research centers, the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio and the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, offer virtual tours which you can take at any time.

The Vatican Museums

Did you ever want to see the museums located in the Vatican, in the heart of Rome, Italy? If you did, then you have the chance to do so. The Vatican Museums have plenty of exhibits, most of them related to the Roman Catholic Church, and the Papacy. You can see plenty of exhibits during the virtual tour, including some very interesting ones, like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by none other than Michelangelo. 

The Google Art Project

Google has always tried to do everything. They offer products in various industries and fields in the world, so why not art? The Google Art Projects is all about preserving art and connecting people to art. Partnered with many museums as well as various cultural institutions in the world, over a thousand of them, Google strives to bring you virtual tours of all their exhibitions. You can experience a lot of art, culture and history with Google, and not just with these, specific art tours.

Art is everywhere. In our world where everything can be found online, art can also be accessed, whether through a search engine or through actual online tours, offered by the museums and organizations which house the art/exhibits.